Welcome to Symposium Books


Happy Summer from all of us at Symposium Books!

New arrivals are here at both stores, including lots of classics, contemporary fiction, and used books of all kinds — whether there’s a particular book you’ve been meaning to read for a while, or you just need something interesting (or mindlessly entertaining) to relax with this summer, the number and range of things we have in stock right now is pretty enormous.  Check them out before they’re gone!

Records are now stocked at both our locations, if you haven’t already stopped in and had a chance to notice.  Although, at the moment, the bulk are Jazz, R&B, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Disco, and various Pop albums from all eras, there is a little of everything.  We have everything from affordable LP’s comparable to our sale cart books and rarer, collectible material.  We’re also now buying records, so please feel free to spread the word and get in touch if you have any you’d like us to take a look at.

Buying used books is, of course, also something we are actively doing, as always.  Feel free to call either of our locations to schedule an appointment to bring them in or, if you have an entire library to sell, to find a time when we can come to you to appraise them.  We’re primarily interested in the sorts of things which we carry: classic literature, art books, philosophy, in-demand contemporary fiction, design and architecture, etc.

Exciting events have been booked at both stores all summer long, including some great readings and two different poetry series, one at each store.  All are free to attend and we hope you’ll come out to any/all which are of interest!  For all the details in one place, please click here to have a look at the listings on our Facebook event page.   

Summer reading is something we’d love to order for your institution, school, or book club.  We have many avenues available to us for supplying the books and would be happy to discuss your specific needs and time frame — contact us any time!

Keep your eyes out for us at the great summer events which have been happening lately in downtown Providence, including the Providence Flea (market) on Sundays, and other community events, where we have been bringing tables to offer a hand-picked selection of our best books, records, and gift items.